‘Highest ever’ list will blow your mind!

highest ever, man jumping

Modern man has a fixation with extremes; have you noticed that? One of the greatest marketing schemes advertisers use is to make us think we’re getting more for less. Drive through your favorite fast food restaurant and you’ll see “extreme” choices. You can super-size this or mega-size that. Extreme speed, challenges and dares make for [ keep reading ]

Reasons we love clickbait, and you won’t believe #6!

clickbait, man and cat in front of computer

I confess: I love clickbait. I need to know the secret Donny Osmond just revealed and why some girl’s fiancé was furious when he saw “this” photo of his bride-to-be. The woman who just adopted two children? Who would not want to know the bombshell discovery she made? What is the one weird trick that [ keep reading ]

Chaperone tips you’ll want to keep in mind

chaperone, group of hikers

Do you have teenagers in your household? If so, do you often act as a chaperone on field trips or pilgrimages? I just spent a weekend (as I do every year) with more than 1,000 teenagers at Mount Saint Mary’s College and Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. As always, I had a great time. Since I’ve [ keep reading ]

Bad habits: Are yours in the top 10?

bad habits, woman biting nails

It’s your constant companion, greatest helper or heaviest burden. It will push you onward or drag you down to failure, and is at your command. It’s easily managed — you must merely be firm with it. After a few repetitions, it comes automatically. It is the servant of all great people; and alas, of all [ keep reading ]

I hear the Queen has a senior royal job opening

senior royal, white crown floating

Dear Queen Elizabeth II, I respectfully apply for the senior royal job recently vacated at your company. I believe you will find that I meet and exceed the qualifications for the position. In fact, I feel confident that I can competently handle the work of both open positions, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Qualifications The [ keep reading ]

Kobe Bryant: A Tribute to a Legend

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers

I was enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon, eating and laughing with family, when my phone suddenly began buzzing. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see a text from a close friend. “Kobe Bryant just died in a helicopter crash.” “Come on, man. That’s not cool. No way that’s true, gotta be a [ keep reading ]

President Trump Declared Not Guilty in Historic Impeachment Trial

After weeks of investigation, testimony and near wall-to-wall coverage, President Trump was declared not guilty on two articles of impeachment in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. The outcome was all but certain, yet Congress and Americans remain divided. In this historic trial both Democrats and Republicans seemed dug in on their positions regarding the president’s guilt [ keep reading ]

Brain injuries: Why Chris Borland quit the NFL

NFL brain injuries, offensive line

Christians celebrate Sundays as “The Lord’s Day.” It’s a day (that is supposed to be) set aside from all others. We honor Sundays as special because we believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead on such a day. In the United States, this coming Sunday is special for another reason. It will be the day [ keep reading ]

Will Streaming Services Ruin Cinema?

Early last year, director Steven Spielberg gave a speech at the Cinema Audio Society. The speech was notable because Spielberg lamented the rise of film-quality movies on streaming services. Specifically, he was upset over the 2019 Oscar nominations for the Netflix movie, “Roma”. It went on to win Best Director, as well as two other [ keep reading ]

Why Super Bowl LIV Could Be One of the Greatest Ever

football laying on the grass

Every February, on a sacred winter Sunday, millions of Americans gather around their televisions to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. Who doesn’t love the Super Bowl?  Even if you’re not a football fan, there’s something here for everyone. This is the only time we actually look forward to commercials, and the halftime [ keep reading ]

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