Ways to Keep Kids Safe: Learning from Tragedy

ways to keep kids safe, crime scene tape

Like most people in my community, I was devastated when a beautiful young girl from a neighboring town went missing last month. Hundreds of people turned out to search far and wide for Riley Crossman. Searches came to an abrupt halt when cadaver dogs led police to her body. As most parents do, I often [ keep reading ]

Tragedy in My Hometown

I moved away from Pittsburgh in 1988 but as they say, “You can take the girl out of her hometown but you can’t take the hometown out of the girl.” Being from Pittsburgh is something akin to ethnicity. There is definitely a perpetual brotherhood in the Burgh that follows you through life, no matter how [ keep reading ]

Where Is the American Flag in “First Man”?

This past weekend, 200 of my neighbors sat in a local theater watching every detail of First Man on opening night. We were particularly observant of the film because several scenes were filmed in our neighborhood. One thing I was surprised to see were numerous flags throughout the movie. Considering the movie follows the life [ keep reading ]

Michael: The Hurricane That Left Almost Nothing in Its Wake

If you were an adult in 1992, you likely remember the havoc wreaked in the United States by Hurricane Andrew. Not since that devastating event, has any tropical storm of such power hit land in the U.S., that is, until this past week. The Florida panhandle now lies in ruin in the near aftermath of [ keep reading ]

One Small Victory for Life

In the aftermath of some of the most devastating mass shootings this country has experienced, there has been an outcry from residents throughout much of the country for sweeping changes to the nation’s gun laws. In one student-led protest, the march on the nation’s capital was billed the March for Our Lives, which was a [ keep reading ]

Current Administration Seems Plagued with Issues

It seems every day, there is a new scandal breaking concerning what is occurring in the Trump Administration. Most recently, President Trump’s attorney is purportedly facing a criminal investigation though there have not been any details regarding exactly why. Recently, there was speculation that prosecutors are looking for information to support allegations that women who [ keep reading ]

Did ABC Lead to Fatal Collapse?

Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC, is an approach to building bridges. It is usually carried out off to the side of the eventual location for either a replacement or new bridge construction. It was developed as a way of cutting down on the time of on-site construction work. Shutting down a roadway for an extended [ keep reading ]

Who Will Step up to End the Bloodshed?

This country experienced another devastating attack on our young people on the day supposedly dedicated to love. Seventeen victims were gunned down and 14 others were wounded when a teenager with an assault rifle opened fire in a Florida High School. Before the bodies were laid to rest, the finger pointing and blame game began. [ keep reading ]

What Does Slowing Stock Market Mean for You?

Since the 2016, the stock market has been on a wild race to the top of the charts. Both the NASDAQ and Dow have increased by an estimated 40 percent over the past two years. However, this past week leading into February, the Dow has slipped more than it has over the previous two years. [ keep reading ]

Sam’s Club Closings After New Pay Hikes Take Effect

Effective January 1st, many states and cities raised their minimum wages up to about $10 an hour with scheduled increases up to $15 an hour in the next few years. There are many who see these increases as a great way to help lift low-income workers out of poverty. However, there are also experts who [ keep reading ]

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