In Defense of Kim Kardashian West

I never thought I would ever have much that was nice to say about Kim Kardashian West. Though I never wished her any ill, I certainly wasn’t a fan. I’ve never watched a minute of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. My eyes roll at most mentions of her and her family. I’ve been known to [ keep reading ]

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are NOT Having an Affair

The recent success of the movie “A Star is Born” has captivated audiences around the world. It’s the fourth version of a movie that originally debuted in 1937. The chemistry between the two lead characters, country singer Jackson and pop music newcomer Ally, amplified the tragic love story. (I won’t give too much more information [ keep reading ]

Actor Jussie Smollett Facing Felony Charge for Hoax

felony charge for hoax

Actor Jussie Smollett has found himself in hot water. Felonious hot water. The actor is facing a felony charge for a hoax he purportedly concocted for attention to get more money. As of this moment, he is still employed as an actor on the hit show “Empire”. But for how long? The alleged crime against Jussie Smollett [ keep reading ]

The Line between Acceptance and Tolerance

acceptance and tolerance

Rodney King’s infamous words ring just as true today as they did decades ago, “Can we all just get along?”. He voiced a frustration he suffered first-hand and gave many of us something to ponder. Nearly 20 years later, I consider what it means for those of us residing on Planet Earth. Are we a [ keep reading ]

Celebrity Skillz–They Do More Than Act!

I admit–I watch way too much TV. It’s easy to justify this by knitting and crocheting while binge-watching my favorite shows. I admire actors and their ability to make me laugh, cry and ponder. Sometimes, I get so lost in the entertainment that I forget actors are real people. WHAT??? Yes, sometimes, they do more than act! Jack White of the band The [ keep reading ]

Hugs, No Kisses

Actors often have a reputation of being willing to do almost anything on screen (I can say that – I am one). That could  mean anything as mild as swearing, to portraying murder, to simulated sex. Some performers have limits on what they will or will not do – there are actors who won’t portray a gay person, [ keep reading ]

Do We Over-Value the Opinions of Celebrities?

Last year, we had several movie stars, including Ryan Gosling and Clair Foy camped out in our neighborhood for the filming of the recently released movie First Man. When the rumors about the movie began to make their way around the neighborhood, my husband was clueless as to why all my mom friends were giddy [ keep reading ]

End of an Era: Farewell Yellow Brick Road

When I was about eight or nine years old, a German family moved in down the street from my house. A son was close to my age and he had two teenage sisters. I will never forget the day I was invited into their home and one of the girls had Elton John’s, “Crocodile Rock” [ keep reading ]

The Timeless Relevance of Beatles Music

I recently watched an episode of James Corden Carpool Karaoke that featured Paul McCartney as the special guest. It was truly my favorite spot, ever. I’m a big fan of Carpool Karaoke because I find it highly entertaining to see celebrities who are willing to be down to earth and silly for a few moments, [ keep reading ]

Lights, Camera, Action!

I live in an older neighborhood with a lot of fixer upper homes. Some of the homes have been updated, but others have not. Our older homes have attracted multiple product vendors in attempt to solicit various businesses. One of the most frequent vendors to knock on our doors are window sales people because it [ keep reading ]

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