Politicians and Their Potty Mouths

Have you been watching the Democratic presidential debates? I’m pretty sure that in every single one, Bernie Sanders has repeated the EXACT same line, “I wrote the damn bill!” Whether you like Sanders or not, it’s a little strange to see someone running for President repeatedly use that kind of language. Before Beto O’Rourke dropped [ keep reading ]

If a rat can drive a car, why can’t we?

drive a car, dog sitting in yellow car

Scientists at the University of Richmond Virginia recently revealed that they have successfully taught a rat to drive a car. (This came as no surprise to me since my ex-boyfriend drove a car when he would come to pick me up.) The rodent experiment comes about 7 years after New Zealand researchers trained a dog [ keep reading ]

Hazing is everyone’s problem

hazing, laughing people with beer mugs

When I was in high school, it was tradition for the seniors to “initiate” the freshmen. This hazing included forcing us to drop to the floor in the halls when a senior passed us. We had to carry books for any seniors who could pile them into our arms. We wore whatever humiliating masks, wigs, [ keep reading ]

A bank error in your favor is not your ship coming in

bank error, hands counting money

We’ve all done it: fantasized about what we would do if we won the lottery. A cool million would easily divide among us and our kids. With our cut, what would we do? Pay off the mortgage? Take a trip? Throw a party? Well, for one Pennsylvania couple, a bank error felt like winning the [ keep reading ]

What to do in a mass shooting: Shocking video

what to do in a mass shotting, task force

Alert: This Hot Mess Press post contains a shocking video! It shows a commercial ad that features school children (portrayed by actors). If you or your kids have ever wondered what to do in a mass shooting, you might want to view it as a family. Many people will find it upsetting and some might [ keep reading ]

Controversial news: Planes did not cause 9/11

controversial news, statue of liberty

Today was the eighteenth memorial of the terrorist attacks that infiltrated the United States in 2001. Radical Islamists launched these attacks and committed jihad against the U.S. in the name of their religion. Towers crumbled to the ground in New York. People died, many after suffering horrific pain and fright. In a controversial news post [ keep reading ]

Do Not Litter: This Dude Took It to a Whole New Level

Do not litter, trash can

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I often saw signs along the roadways. A common one featured bold letters, commanding, “Do Not Litter!” with some fine print about being hit with a $300 fine for disregarding the bold print. I think it’s logical to assume that most kids have parents or other adults in their lives who, [ keep reading ]

Shaming Boys for Doing “Feminine” Things Hurts Women, Too

In case you missed it, not long ago, Good Morning America ran a segment talking about the probable future King of England, Prince George’s, upcoming class schedule. Among discussion of what subjects the young prince was studying, his love for his ballet lessons came up. GMA host Lara Spencer laughed. When I watched the segment, [ keep reading ]

Hear Trees Falling in the Forest? It’s Not Good

Do you hear trees falling in the forest? It’s not good anymore. Last week, the Trump Administration announced changes to the 1973 Endangered Species Act. Whether the move was motivated by politics or economy, its not good news for the plant — or for us. While the fiercely beautiful images of tigers come to mind, [ keep reading ]

Wizard of Oz Specially Featured By Google

Google, celebrating Wizard of Oz, tablet

If you’re a baby boomer, you’ve likely watched the Wizard of Oz a hundred times. I can clearly recall it being a big deal when I was a kid. Once a year, it would play on TV. It took two nights and was a special event. Wizard of Oz was one of the first movies [ keep reading ]

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