Researchers Able to Partially Revive Dead Pig Brains

People used to believe that a person died once the heart stopped beating. Science eventually changed that idea. Research showed that if the brain was still active, it was sometimes possible to get a person’s heart beating again. In the United States, the current criteria to determine death is the “irreversible cessation of circulatory and [ keep reading ]

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin College Scandal

college scandal

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have landed themselves in some really hot water over a college scandal. These famous women, and others in the financial stratosphere bracket, have been indicted for being involved with a college bribery scam. This scam involved falsified SAT’s scores and fake athletic achievements as a way for their children to [ keep reading ]

Cherokee Secretary of State Is Angry at Elizabeth Warren

A renowned geneticist recently published his assessment that Senator Elizabeth Warren appears to have native American blood in her. Whether or not the senator is part Cherokee has been the topic of raging debate in political gossip columns for weeks. Doctor Carlos Bustamante says the DNA test she took in order to trace her lineage [ keep reading ]

When to “Protect and Serve” Becomes Warped

Those who take the vow to offer protection to those who cannot protect themselves are often looked upon as heroes. While this is true in the majority of cities and towns across the country, there is a dark and chilling side to the famed “Blue Line’. According to a recent report, not all police officers [ keep reading ]

Our Neighborhood Got a Behind the Scenes Look into the Movie First Man

A long awaited movie about the life of Neil Armstrong, the other astronauts and the NASA team that achieved the first landing on the moon is premiering in theaters on October 12. It is especially anticipated in our community, because parts of First Man were filmed in our neighborhood. What is it like to have [ keep reading ]

How Do We Explain the Tragedy and Impact of September 11th to Our Children?

For an easy fundraiser, a neighborhood Boy Scout troop places flags in our yards on patriotic days throughout the year, including September 11th. As we walked to the bus on September 11th, my 8-year-old naturally asked me why the flag was in our yard. As I tried break down the significance of the day to [ keep reading ]

How to Survive Fall Football Season If You Do Not Love It

It is that time of year again. Posts are flooding my social media accounts for all things fall and football. Although I was raised by a father who had a passion for the University of Georgia football and spent most fall Saturdays watching the games, I did not grow up with the same passion. I [ keep reading ]

Faith and Scandal: One Must Go

The Roman Catholic Church claims to be able to trace its roots directly back to the Last Supper. At the moment that Jesus broke the Bread of His Body and distributed it to His Apostles, He was setting the stage for how to celebrate Mass. However, throughout the following centuries, the church has had several [ keep reading ]

Story of Missing College Student Hits Close to Home

In two weeks, I will be driving one of my precious daughters to a state that is approximately four hours away from our home to help her move into a dormitory to begin her freshman year of college. It would be a grave understatement to say that the last 18 years of her life have [ keep reading ]

How Many Deaths Will It Take to Make Us Focus on Mental Health?

Following the birth of my second child, began slipping into post-partum depression. I had a 2-year-old at the time and my husband was working 16-hour days on an ill-timed project. My son was born during the school year making it difficult for my mother who worked for a school system to be available to be [ keep reading ]

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