Will Streaming Services Ruin Cinema?

Early last year, director Steven Spielberg gave a speech at the Cinema Audio Society. The speech was notable because Spielberg lamented the rise of film-quality movies on streaming services. Specifically, he was upset over the 2019 Oscar nominations for the Netflix movie, “Roma”. It went on to win Best Director, as well as two other [ keep reading ]

Why Action Movies are Good for the Movie Industry

This past year was a huge one for movies with wide appeal. Generally, that means movies that are action or family blockbusters, like “Avengers: Endgame”. Movie goers turned out in droves earlier this year to find out what happened to Iron Man, et al. (Don’t worry – I won’t post spoilers, just in case you [ keep reading ]

Fascination with Darkness is No Joke

Darkness is no joke

Maybe it’s ironic that I am writing this in the month dedicated to all things dark and scary. It could be that my thoughts turned to this topic based on the fact that Halloween is so beloved in this country. Or maybe, its because I don’t understand the attraction people have to being scared. In [ keep reading ]

Dolly Parton is a Treasure We Don’t Deserve

When I was a kid growing up in small town Saskatchewan, I remember Dolly Parton being the butt of many jokes. Her makeup was too heavy, her breasts were too big, her hair was too outrageous… She was just “too” everything. Meanwhile, she didn’t care what any of us thought and continued churning out country [ keep reading ]

The Super Bowl Halftime Show: Should Performers be Paid?

If you haven’t heard, Super Bowl LIV will be in Miami in February of next year. Though it’s still a bit early to make predictions on participating teams (ugh, come ON, Falcons), the NFL recently announced who will be headlining the halftime show (AKA – the reason I watch besides the commercials). Singers Jennifer Lopez [ keep reading ]

I Love Rewatching Shows and so Should You

rewatching shows

Netflix made it easier than ever to rewatch our favorite shows over and over and over again. Like a lot of other people, my choice of show is The Office, although I’m also partial to a good binge of Gilmore Girls. Honestly, sometimes I can’t think of anything better than rewatching my favorite shows and [ keep reading ]

The Good Don’t Live Long Enough

The good don't live long enough

A while back, I wrote the first article about losing talented musicians too soon. In the second of that series, I need to clarify that soon is a relative term. When it comes to the music that moves me — and so many others — life itself is too short. It’s not always a matter [ keep reading ]

Do Not Litter: This Dude Took It to a Whole New Level

Do not litter, trash can

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I often saw signs along the roadways. A common one featured bold letters, commanding, “Do Not Litter!” with some fine print about being hit with a $300 fine for disregarding the bold print. I think it’s logical to assume that most kids have parents or other adults in their lives who, [ keep reading ]

Wizard of Oz Specially Featured By Google

Google, celebrating Wizard of Oz, tablet

If you’re a baby boomer, you’ve likely watched the Wizard of Oz a hundred times. I can clearly recall it being a big deal when I was a kid. Once a year, it would play on TV. It took two nights and was a special event. Wizard of Oz was one of the first movies [ keep reading ]

Does “Friends” Stand the Test of Time?

There are some TV shows that I could watch over and over again and not get tired of them. This isn’t the case for every show I’ve fallen in love with over the years (“Sex and the City” anyone?) But at the top of my list for re-watchable shows is the classic 90s/early 00s sitcom, [ keep reading ]

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