Fall Fiction Books for the Whole Family

Reading is not so much an act as it is a journey. A journey across pages and characters and cities and lands that we never even dreamed existed. Pouring ourselves into the chapters of a novel stretches and grows our imagination and appetite for more and more words. With new fall fiction books hitting the [ keep reading ]

Educational Ideas for Summer Time Family Fun

educational ideas for summer, woman looking at map

Your kids are on break and the last thing you want is for them to spend all their time playing video games or watching YouTube. Neither activity is inherently bad but it’s understandable that you want them to make better use of their summer vacation time. There are lots of ways to incorporate educational ideas [ keep reading ]

Social Media is Ruining Entertainment – Part 3: Online Petitions

I didn’t think I’d be back to write a Part 3 for my series “Social Media is Ruining Entertainment.” I thought we covered everything when we learned why online reviews are hampering movies and TV shows. I figured that my complaints about “spoiler culture” and social media would be enough to satisfy all of us. [ keep reading ]

Social Media is Ruining Entertainment – Part Two: Spoiler Culture

In part one of our discussion, I talked about how online reviews, mostly posted and distributed via social media, are diminishing the joy of entertainment. Today, let’s look at another negative effect that the internet can have on movies and television. We’re gonna talk about how social media and spoiler culture are ruining entertainment. If, [ keep reading ]

Social Media is Ruining Entertainment – Part One: Reviews

We hear a lot about the dangers of social media. Usually, the warnings are related to what it does to our self esteem, productivity, and even our overall health. Those are definitely things we should concern ourselves with, but there’s one other thing social media has an effect on that you might not have considered. [ keep reading ]

Music is Both Beauty and Power

Music is Beauty and Power

There are many things that work to unite us. Unfortunately, there are often even more things that divide us. In our current society, almost any topic can create division. Happily, there is one thing in life that can draw many of us together, if we allow it. There is truly a universal language. Music is both [ keep reading ]

Family-Friendly Movies Part 2: Christian Themes

Family-friendly movies, movie sign

As promised in Family-friendly Movies Part 1, I’m back with more great ideas for your next at-home family movie night. The films on this list all share a Christian theme. In the recent past, Christians have been under attack. Persecution has taken  overseas and also right here in our own country. It can be quite [ keep reading ]

Movies Where Stars Actually HATED Each Other

Most of us go to the movies for an escape. Though we know the stories aren’t true, the chemistry between the stars can be easy to believe. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that not all on-screen romances mean off-screen relationships. But what if I told you that there are many, MANY [ keep reading ]

Best TV Shows: The Masked Singer

Best TV Shows, girl wearing animal mask

I recently spent the weekend at my son’s house. I brought six of his siblings along and stayed with him, his wife and their four children (my sweet grand-babies) during a snow storm. Two of my daughters and one of his were scheduled to perform on stage at a local arts festival. We were worried [ keep reading ]

Helpful Financial Tips from Wealthy Celebrities

Helpful financial tips, money box

The average person has at least thought about what it’s like to be a celebrity. The reality that would no doubt encompass that is enough to make me thankful it’s apparently not God’s plan for my life. The ‘fish bowl’ lifestyle big-name celebrities are forced to live isn’t all fun and games. Surprisingly, some tremendously [ keep reading ]

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