Does Pete Buttigieg Even Age? Attracting Young People to Politics

What were you doing at the age of 22? I was convincing myself that I still needed to be in college for another semester, thanks to my life-long debilitating fear of failure. You know what Mayor Pete Buttigieg, current Democratic candidate for president, was doing? He was participating in a political tour event for then-presidential [ keep reading ]

Listen Up, Joe Biden

The march towards the 2020 presidential election continues unabated. The field on the Democrats’ side seems to be widening every single day. It’s beginning to feel like every prominent member of that party is considering or has declared their intention to run for the highest office in the nation. To almost no one’s surprise, that [ keep reading ]

Democratic Candidates Considering Reparations for Slavery

As the 2020 presidential election draws nearer, Democratic party candidates are testing the waters with voters on a myriad of ideas. One of the most complicated issues that has been brought forth is making reparations for slavery. This is the concept that the descendants of Africans, bought and sold as part of the Atlantic slave [ keep reading ]

The Government Shutdown is Affecting More Than Just Furloughed Employees

As I write this piece, knowing that it will likely be published days later, and also knowing how quickly our news cycle seems to change, I am hopeful that when anyone reads this, the government shutdown will be over. It’s been more than a month since federal workers all across the country received a paycheck. [ keep reading ]

Politicians Mourn a Tragic Loss in Utah

He was a 39-year-old man who was married to the love of his life. Together, they had seven children. He was the mayor of Salt Lake City and he also happened to be a member of the Utah National Guard. On a recent Wednesday, hundreds of military servicemembers lined a path as the remains of [ keep reading ]

A Nation Ravaged by Yellow Journalism

If you’re one of many in the U.S. who are tired of dirty politics, underhanded election campaigns and overall political corruption, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. Fake news has a lot to do with the problem. However, fake news isn’t something new. In fact, it began in the late 1800s when two [ keep reading ]

Shouldn’t All Children’s Best Interests Be Considered?

It’s been a rough week, politically, in our nation. That seems to be par for the course these days, however. This week was different though, because the topic of contention pertained to children. Whether or not you’re a parent, thinking of children suffering typically evokes strong emotion. Noone wants children to suffer except those who [ keep reading ]

Since When Do We Thank Captors for Releasing Hostages?

In 2011, Kim Jong-un began to serve as Supreme Leader of North Korea. Much has happened in the seven years since, including Jong-un’s many public statements made in hostility toward the United States. On several occasions, tensions have risen quite high following threats of nuclear attack on Jong-un’s part. North Korea officials also took several [ keep reading ]

What Exactly Was the Original Intent of the ‘Confederate Flag’?

It’s logical to assume that most Americans value their rights to free speech as protected by the First Amendment. As a topic of discussion, this particular Amendment (and everything explicitly or implicitly implied therein) has not only made headline news in recent years but also incited contentious (and, sadly, sometimes violent) debate throughout the nation. [ keep reading ]

It’s Not My Father’s Talk Show Anymore

I remember when I was a child, my dad was enthralled by talk radio and its television counterpart. At almost any given moment when traveling by car or relaxing in his recliner after a long day’s work, he could be found listening to or watching some type of debate, discussion, interview or documentary about politics, [ keep reading ]

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