Reasons we love clickbait, and you won’t believe #6!

clickbait, man and cat in front of computer

I confess: I love clickbait. I need to know the secret Donny Osmond just revealed and why some girl’s fiancé was furious when he saw “this” photo of his bride-to-be. The woman who just adopted two children? Who would not want to know the bombshell discovery she made? What is the one weird trick that [ keep reading ]

Drunk drivers: Steer clear if you witness these signs

drunk drivers, crashed windshield

In my work as a legal copywriter, I often read and write about tragic motor vehicle collisions that result in fatality or life-threatening injuries. The causal factor in many of these incidents is drunk driving. I often pray for victims and their families, as well as for those whose irresponsible and reckless choices may have [ keep reading ]

You have the right to unfriend whomever you want

unfriend, computer monitor with binoculars

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived over 50 years, or maybe it’s because I’m not Kylie Jenner. But Facebook unfriending is not really a big deal to me. I have known people who completely cut off their real-life relationships with me after I removed them from my Facebook friends list. It’s nothing personal. I may be [ keep reading ]

Reasons people drink: Can you relate?

reasons people drink, hands holding beer

It’s definitely a time of year (holidays) when liquor stores and beer distributors make a lot of money. You might be one of millions of people who enjoy spiking your eggnog with a bit of bourbon. Perhaps, you like to imbibe when you gather with co-workers or loved ones at your annual Christmas or New [ keep reading ]

Alexa, change my life

Alexa, echo dot with eyes and mouth

My husband got me an Amazon Dot for Christmas. I didn’t know what an Amazon Dot was. “You know,” he explained. “Alexa.” The little disk sat on the ledge in the dining room for less than an hour before I had it set up and ready to go. I had seen the commercials where people [ keep reading ]

The myth of the 27 Club

27 club, hourglass in pebbles

Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and dozens others have at least one thing in common: they were born in 1992. This means that they are at or nearing the age of 27. While this may not seem like as great a milestone as 21 or even 40, to a celebrity, [ keep reading ]

Does anyone benefit from Black Friday?

black friday, crowded shopping mall

I have never participated in Black Friday. At least as a customer. When I worked retail, Black Friday was exciting and fast-paced. The time went quickly, and most of the customers were already full of holiday spirit, which made it fun. They didn’t seem to mind the lines winding through the store as long as [ keep reading ]

Kanye West: Friend or foe of Jesus Christ?

Kanye West, crowd with hands raised

There are a few topics that tend to incite debate, and Christianity is definitely one of them. Even within the Christian community itself, you might find numerous interpretations and belief systems regarding the general tenets and truths of believers. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, other people, especially fellow [ keep reading ]

Three cheers for banning applause

applause, graduation cheers with confetti

Clapping and cheering are signs of appreciation. However, applause also feeds a mob mentality. Case in point: I remember attending a high school spring musical production that was painful to watch. It was not a matter of the students being young and inexperienced on the stage. Rather, they simply did not care that they were [ keep reading ]

Hazing is everyone’s problem

hazing, laughing people with beer mugs

When I was in high school, it was tradition for the seniors to “initiate” the freshmen. This hazing included forcing us to drop to the floor in the halls when a senior passed us. We had to carry books for any seniors who could pile them into our arms. We wore whatever humiliating masks, wigs, [ keep reading ]

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