What Servers Wish Diners Knew

As someone who is pursuing a creative career (acting and writing), I have had my fair share of “survival jobs.” For many years, that meant waiting tables. There were many aspects of it I enjoyed – bonding with coworkers, taking home cash every day, and flexible scheduling. As grateful as I am to my former [ keep reading ]

 What Are Your All-Time Favorite Movie Props?

We all have favorite movies. I happen to be one of those people who, when asked to name my favorite movie, has to answer that I can’t really answer if I am only allowed to say one title because I do not have a single, favorite movie; rather, there are many movies I consider my [ keep reading ]

Are You Striving for Picture Perfect Holidays?

The fall and winter holidays are a time to be with family, enjoy good food, and making memories celebrating new and old traditions. Unfortunately, the holidays can also result in a lot of stress, especially for those who are the heads of families. If you think about it, there is often one person per household [ keep reading ]

Do You Secretly Love Something Everyone Hates?

Who determines popular culture trends? My daughters, who are each strong-willed, confident and capable, proved to me from the get go that they had minds of their own. I would say things like, “We don’t wear white after Labor Day,” and they would immediately counter with, “Says, who? What if I want to wear white [ keep reading ]

Has Social Media Made Us More Judgmental?

Every time a big election comes up, I come very close to closing all my social media accounts. It has to be one of the worst times to be on social media. Everyone is right about their own opinions and everyone else with differing opinions are completely wrong. No one is afraid to state their [ keep reading ]

Hiring Essay Writers in College: Is It Ethical?

Most, if not all U.S. presidents have or have had speech writers at some point or, at least teams of people who help formulate coherent thoughts and offer creative suggestions as to how to express them in public. Nowadays, it is not at all uncommon for business executives to hire ghost writers. I happen to [ keep reading ]

It is that time of year. It is the time of year that thousands of high school students are about to make decisions to enter into an enormous amount of debt for a higher education. The crazy part about school loans is that it is considered acceptable and encouraged by many. Dear high school graduates, [ keep reading ]

The Mass Shooting Common Factor Nobody Wants to Talk About

The nation is still reeling following yet another unspeakable tragedy where monstrous acts were committed against innocent, unsuspecting people who quickly became fatally injured victims as they responded to a fire alarm in a school, an alarm falsely set off by the person who would murder them, moments later. What can be said to the [ keep reading ]

Why Do Audiences Love “the Greatest Showman?”

P.T. Barnum may have died in 1891, but his name has lived on for more than a century through the circus he established. Although The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus closed last year, a new movie may help to continue Barnum’s name into the future. “The Greatest Showman” was recently released and is [ keep reading ]

Would You Be Ready for Life as a Royal?

What if you were required to stay awake as long as your mother-in-law was still awake, that is, only if you and she were sleeping under the same roof, of course. And, stretch your imagination further, if you will, to think of what it might feel like if you could not simply enter a given [ keep reading ]

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