Prying plastic straws from our cold, dead hands

plastic straws, girl in red shorts with soft drink

When we would go out to lunch with my in-laws, the children were fond of passing Grandpa plastic straws for his beverage. They loved the way he would scowl and say, “I don’t need that. I been weaned,” drawing out the last word a little longer than necessary. Grandma would take the unopened straws and [ keep reading ]

Fascination with Darkness is No Joke

Darkness is no joke

Maybe it’s ironic that I am writing this in the month dedicated to all things dark and scary. It could be that my thoughts turned to this topic based on the fact that Halloween is so beloved in this country. Or maybe, its because I don’t understand the attraction people have to being scared. In [ keep reading ]

Should the Braves Change Their Name?

For years, many sports teams have been the subject of controversy for using Native American imagery. Though they’re far from the only offenders, the Atlanta Braves are frequently at the center of this criticism. Some people think that every reference to Native American culture (the Tomahawk Chop, the logos, the team name) needs to go. [ keep reading ]

Cute things that make you say ‘awwwww’

cute things, dad with baby on shoulders

There are certainly days when it seems like the world could use a lot more cuteness. I recently drove through a nearby town (I live in the woods, so  I don’t really have a town.) and every person I saw looked miserable. It almost became a source of distracted driving because I found myself scanning [ keep reading ]

It’s Better to be Lions Not Lemmings

Be lions not lemmings

In today’s society, speaking out against the trends is not a way to win popularity. If you wish to fit in, its better to either keep or peace or go with the flow. But what if the flow carries you right off the cliff? I think, if that is my choice, its preferable to be [ keep reading ]

The political system needs reform

Every day, the news is full of stories about the latest government scandal. It depends on the source, but according to the media, both sides can be considered a disgrace. Its obvious the system is terribly broken. In would seem it’s time for significant change. The political system needs reform. Politics do matter Many believe [ keep reading ]

What to do in a mass shooting: Shocking video

what to do in a mass shotting, task force

Alert: This Hot Mess Press post contains a shocking video! It shows a commercial ad that features school children (portrayed by actors). If you or your kids have ever wondered what to do in a mass shooting, you might want to view it as a family. Many people will find it upsetting and some might [ keep reading ]

Is it time for drug testing in schools?

Time for drug testing in schools?

When it comes to testing students’ achievements, there are no end of measurements. But, how much is too much? Should we test for illicit behaviors? Is it time for drug testing in schools? As the academic year begins across the country, students prepare for a new round of testing. Those who are going out for [ keep reading ]

Multilevel Marketing is Ruining Your Friendships

It was 2008 and I had just moved to Atlanta. Like many twenty-somethings I didn’t have a lot of money. I was working two jobs to make ends meet and living with a friend in a low-to-middle-class suburb. So when a coworker told me how much she loved selling Mary Kay, and how it could [ keep reading ]

Incentive to quit smoking: How about paid time off?

incentive to quit smoking, cigarette in hand

It often surprises me how many people continue to become addicted to cigarette smoking. The data has been available for so long to basically (IMHO) scare the wits out of anyone even considering taking up the habit. If you’re one of many who are currently battling this addiction, you might be looking for an incentive [ keep reading ]

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