High School Sportsmanship: When Coaches Aren’t up to Par

High school sportsmanship, mean coach

I absolutely love watching my children compete in organized sports. I have been  a parent for 34 years. Growing up, I came from a very athletic family and I’m happy I have athletic kids. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed cheering for my kids and their teammates in volleyball, dance, soccer, football, (We don’t allow this [ keep reading ]

Dangers Children Face on the Internet

Internet dangers, boy using computer

Your family has a technology personality because you likely have multiple forms of electronics in your home. Be aware of the dangers children face on the internet. Some people live without electronics although they’re exceptions to the norm. Many schools have replaced pencil and paper with tablets and laptops. Children as young as seven or [ keep reading ]

Make-up Tips for Women Over 50: Look and Feel Your Best

Make-up tips, woman in hat by tree

No matter how prepared I thought I was for entering my fifties, I wasn’t. I wanted to fully embrace getting older but have found that it’s quite challenging. Many inevitable body changes take place. Wrinkles, sags, menopausal weight-gain, etc., make getting older a humbling experience. There are several make-up tips for women over 50 that [ keep reading ]

Addiction: Are You Obsessed with Your Cell Phone?

addiction, hands holding juice and cell phone

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of addiction? Do you think of drugs and alcohol? Perhaps pornography comes to mind. Maybe you think of sweets and how you have trouble resisting anything containing sugar. Chances are, you didn’t think of your cell phone. Maybe you should have because you [ keep reading ]

Colton Underwood Assaulted: Why Do We Believe Men over Women?

Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault in broad terms The star of the current season of “The Bachelor”, Colton Underwood, recently appeared at a public event. Before having the chance to greet multiple fans who had been waiting in line for a photo, he abruptly left. The reason? Later, he posted on his Instagram that [ keep reading ]

Is Our Criminal Justice System Fairly Balanced?

In my short time as an extern, I have seen a lot of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the District Attorney’s (DA’s) office. I find it completely depressing that the stats I read about in my college books are true: Most violent offenders are young black males and most of these crimes are related to [ keep reading ]

Musings of a Newly-Minted Extern

At this point in early 2019, I’m about halfway through my Criminal Justice degree. The start of this past semester blessed me with an externship at the District Attorney’s office. In case you are suddenly wondering what an “extern” is and what the difference is between “extern” and “intern”, here you go: An externship is [ keep reading ]

What Price Will We Pay for a Legal High?

At this time, several more states are taking up the issue of whether they should legalize marijuana for the average user. Several states have already legalized the medical use of this drug and a handful has made it legal for recreational users as well. Other states have taken the step of de-criminalizing the use of [ keep reading ]

The Mr. Rogers Message: Is It Good or Bad?

His show was an integral component of my childhood, as I’m sure many other baby boomers can relate. We may not have even realized it at the time, but watching him hang his suitcoat in the closet and put on his sweater and sneakers provided a sense of normalcy and routine that resonated deep within [ keep reading ]

Why Is Intolerance Still an Issue Today?

A few weeks ago, an armed man entered a house of worship for a close-knit Jewish community. When the gunfire ended, and the police secured the scene, there were almost a dozen innocent victims who were killed simply because of their religious beliefs. Along with the deceased, police officers were also injured in the carnage. [ keep reading ]

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