Chaperone tips you’ll want to keep in mind

chaperone, group of hikers

Do you have teenagers in your household? If so, do you often act as a chaperone on field trips or pilgrimages? I just spent a weekend (as I do every year) with more than 1,000 teenagers at Mount Saint Mary’s College and Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. As always, I had a great time. Since I’ve [ keep reading ]

Bad habits: Are yours in the top 10?

bad habits, woman biting nails

It’s your constant companion, greatest helper or heaviest burden. It will push you onward or drag you down to failure, and is at your command. It’s easily managed — you must merely be firm with it. After a few repetitions, it comes automatically. It is the servant of all great people; and alas, of all [ keep reading ]

Drunk drivers: Steer clear if you witness these signs

drunk drivers, crashed windshield

In my work as a legal copywriter, I often read and write about tragic motor vehicle collisions that result in fatality or life-threatening injuries. The causal factor in many of these incidents is drunk driving. I often pray for victims and their families, as well as for those whose irresponsible and reckless choices may have [ keep reading ]

Why do my children have so much anxiety?

anxiety, woman holding paper smile

I remember very little of the 1990s. Throughout most of the decade, I was giving birth and raising babies. So it was a bleary time, to say the least. I had my own anxiety about being a good parent and feared I would mess up my kids. As much as we could, my husband and [ keep reading ]

Reasons people drink: Can you relate?

reasons people drink, hands holding beer

It’s definitely a time of year (holidays) when liquor stores and beer distributors make a lot of money. You might be one of millions of people who enjoy spiking your eggnog with a bit of bourbon. Perhaps, you like to imbibe when you gather with co-workers or loved ones at your annual Christmas or New [ keep reading ]

Safety tips Uber and other ride share users should know

safety tips, car on roadside

If we were to discuss personal injury risk regarding motor vehicle or airplane travel, we might consider certain comparisons. For instance, analysts often compare overall numbers of travelers to reported number of incidents. This helps them come up with a risk percentage. This post is about safety tips for people who use Uber and other [ keep reading ]

If a rat can drive a car, why can’t we?

drive a car, dog sitting in yellow car

Scientists at the University of Richmond Virginia recently revealed that they have successfully taught a rat to drive a car. (This came as no surprise to me since my ex-boyfriend drove a car when he would come to pick me up.) The rodent experiment comes about 7 years after New Zealand researchers trained a dog [ keep reading ]

Hazing is everyone’s problem

hazing, laughing people with beer mugs

When I was in high school, it was tradition for the seniors to “initiate” the freshmen. This hazing included forcing us to drop to the floor in the halls when a senior passed us. We had to carry books for any seniors who could pile them into our arms. We wore whatever humiliating masks, wigs, [ keep reading ]

Pet peeves: Store clerks are driving me nuts

pet peeves, grocery store

Before I get one step closer to the rest of this post, I wish to add a disclaimer. The pet peeves I’m about to discuss have nothing to do with my local grocery store. I love the clerks there and my kids and I look forward to seeing them. Now that that’s taken care of, [ keep reading ]

Halloween safety tips: Police say be alert for drugs

Halloween safety tips, gummy candy

You know those situations in life where you think a particular circumstance is ironic? Yes, well, for me, this is one of them. I’ve been thinking a lot about a recent article I read. It wasn’t so much about Halloween safety tips as it was reminding parents to avoid overreacting. The author happens to be [ keep reading ]

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