Training Wheels: Should They Be Avoided to Ride a Bike?

My husband and I have three kids. We should have had more because, by our third kid, we are just starting to get the hang of all things kids. The most recent parental task that we have determined to be easier the more practice we have, is getting our kids to ride a bike without [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Letters: A Good Gift for Dad

Today we stop and remember, honor, spend time and express our love to our fathers on Father’s Day. Fathers are likely receiving gifts, cards or special meals all around the country. It is often difficult to buy my father a gift. I imagine my father is much like many other men. He is at the [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

father's day gift ideas, wall decorations

Whether you’re reading this post as an adult daughter or as a wife, you’ll hopefully find it helpful as you prepare for Father’s Day. My own dad passed away eight years ago and I miss him every day. Thus, I’m writing this post from my perspective as a wife and mother. You might be reading [ keep reading ]

A Love Letter to the Humble Summer Popsicle

I’m probably one of the moms you find annoying during the school year. I try and pack my kids traditionally “healthy” lunches and snacks, heavy on fruits, always includes veggies, but also throw in a fun treat that they really want. Sometimes it’s a bag of chips or a dessert, but always as an addition [ keep reading ]

Going to the Library is the Best Summer Activity

Summer is billed as a time for cannonballing into pools, flying down slides for hours at a time, and spending as much time outside as possible. While my kids and I do our very best to basically live at the pool the moment that school lets out, we need a little more to do. Living [ keep reading ]

Creative Party Favors That May Not Go to Waste

I recently lamented on the waste of money party favors may be. In addition to possibly being a waste of money, party favors may also become waste in our landfills. Most party favors are cheap plastic that easily breaks or does not hold a child’s attention long. If you cannot forgo the social norms and [ keep reading ]

Party Favors: Do We Really Need Them?

Recently, I casually mentioned a child’s birthday party around my 82-year-old grandfather. Following the story, he informed me that he did not have birthday parties growing up. Not only was it not common to have large birthday parties, but his parents likely could not afford the luxury. Party favors were definitely not a consideration. Fast [ keep reading ]

Summer Bucket List: Should You Make One?

Mommas, summer break is here. I have 3 kids ages 8, 6 and 3. They are busy and summer break has become a big deal. Last year we adopted making a summer bucket list to help make it through the summer. Last year, my oldest woke up on the first day of summer break like [ keep reading ]

Snake Safety Tips for a Safer Summer

There is a snake in my daughter’s bedroom. He seems pretty comfortable and has been there for almost a year, and I don’t expect that he’s going anywhere anytime soon. At 7 years old, my daughter convinced us to buy her a pet snake as an early birthday present. Cinnamon Bun the ball python is [ keep reading ]

Energy Drink Dangers: Parents, Be Alerted!

energy drink dangers, pop-top cans

One of my daughters recently suffered an adverse health condition due to dehydration. We’re a big water-drinking family. This particular child, however, never drinks enough water. (She does now, thanks to an app she downloaded to remind herself.) Many parents think that as long as their kids drink something, they’re hydrated. This post will hopefully [ keep reading ]

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