Family Fun Ideas: Make the Most of Summer’s End

family fun ideas, dad and daughter dancing

Is it just me or does the passing of summer seem to pick up speed every year? You know summer break is about to end when thoughts start filling your head about school supply lists, as well as carpools or homeschool lesson plans. If you suddenly feel a need to scroll Pinterest or to Google [ keep reading ]

Keep These Motherhood Tips in Mind for Less Stress

motherhood tips, smiling owman in field

If the title of this Hot Mess post caught your attention, you’re probably too hard on yourself. Most moms are. It’s time we women join forces to put an end to that. I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful. You’re a good mother. You have mad skills. (Okay, I don’t know you so [ keep reading ]

Mom’s Viral Disney Rant as Hilarious as It Is Horrifying

Disney Parks are the places where magic and wonder spark with every step. Reality stops at the gates, and what’s beyond fulfills the dreams and fantasies of everyone from the smallest children to the oldest fans. That is, unless you’re the mom of a 3 year old and just kinda angry at, I don’t know, [ keep reading ]

Fall Fiction Books for the Whole Family

Reading is not so much an act as it is a journey. A journey across pages and characters and cities and lands that we never even dreamed existed. Pouring ourselves into the chapters of a novel stretches and grows our imagination and appetite for more and more words. With new fall fiction books hitting the [ keep reading ]

Bad Parenting Decisions and Flying Dog Poop

You ever just look at your kids and think, “Oh my god, I raised you”? And not in a good way. I mean, of course you have. This thought crosses your mind when they’re acting a fool in the store or decide to chuck their semi-hard water toy halfway across the pool, directly at a [ keep reading ]

Easy Summer Time Meal Ideas That Don’t Involve Cooking

easy summer time meal, fruit and crackers

Do you love to cook? Do you despise it? Are you like many of us who are somewhere in between? Perhaps you don’t mind it and maybe even love it on occasion. Other times, not so much. Nowadays, many parents are becoming more aware of the need to provide healthy food for their families. The [ keep reading ]

Electronic/Screen Time: How We Attempt to Limit It

Summer break is halfway over for my kids. After two weeks of summer break, my husband and I realized we needed a solid plan to reduce the amount of electronic/screen time our kids consumed. We came up with a plan, and it is a work in progress that appears to be helping. Chores Before Electronics [ keep reading ]

Doing Laundry: How Our Kids Help

Laundry is my chore nemesis. I have never enjoyed folding and putting away clothes although I was required to help my mom growing up. Now that I have three kids of my own, it is even more of a struggle. The laundry is never ending and very repetitive. I would much rather be out in [ keep reading ]

Kids, I Need the Tattling to Stop

Is anybody hurt or about to be hurt? Is blood involved? Anything broken? No? Then I don’t want to hear about it. Not only do I not want to hear about it, but for the most part I genuinely do not care. He said, she said, he did, she did. If I can’t figure out [ keep reading ]

Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

ways to stay cool without air conditioning, fan

I live in a house with 18-foot ceilings and six bedrooms, two of which are used for other purposes. There are currently eight people in our household. Our air conditioning system has been broken for several years. This has made me a sort of quasi-expert on ways to stay cool without air conditioning. I recommend [ keep reading ]

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