Swim Team–The Benefits of Joining

Parents, summer is rapidly approaching. Parents around me are abuzz discussing summer plans for their kids pending summer break. Some parents are scheduling camps, summer nannies and family help to provide childcare while at work. Others are scheduling activities to make it through the summer with their kids at home.  Do not forget, one summer [ keep reading ]

Parents of College Students: Help Your Child Feel at Home

Parents of college students, girl holding binder

Seniors in high school are often busting at the seams to spread their wings and fly. Parents of college students may notice how quickly homesickness sets in, once their son or daughter moves onto campus. Especially if it’s your child’s freshman year, college life can take a lot of getting used to. You can help [ keep reading ]

My Problem with the New Postpartum Depression Drug

Postpartum depression is a rampant and largely overlooked mental health issue in the United States. It is not being a little sad or wondering what the heck to do with this little baby that is now your responsibility. It is a debilitating mental health illness that needs treatment. And the new postpartum drug that the [ keep reading ]

Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom? Here’s How

Congrats you had a baby! After experiencing the joy of having a child through birth or adoption, never-ending choices will need to be made. Unfortunately, there are confusing arguments for most choices revolving around parenthood and raising children. One of the biggest arguments is whether or not to be a stay-at-home mom or return to [ keep reading ]

Does It Feel like All of Your Choices Are Being Judged?

Earlier this week I listened to one mother explain the pressures she felt from external family members to be a stay-at-home mom. The mom loves her job and was wracked with guilt as she was on the brink of renewing her contract with her employer. Her story reminded me of my own choice six years [ keep reading ]

Three Reasons I Became a Stay-At-Home Mom

Some women dream of being a stay-at-home mom long before a baby is conceived. Other women, like myself, determine that choice on the fly. I personally never imagined I would be a stay-at-home mom. I was a nurse for seven years and loved the fulfillment it brought into my life. When my husband and I [ keep reading ]

Divorce Tips for Co-parents: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Divorce tips for co-parents, scissors cutting marriage certificate

Most people intend for their marriages to last a lifetime. It doesn’t always work out that way. Spouses who decide to go their separate ways often encounter numerous challenges as they adapt to new lifestyles. Those who have children together must learn how to relate as co-parents. This post provides divorce tips for co-parents. Good [ keep reading ]

Parenting Tip: Kids Need More Unstructured Play Time

outdoor play parenting tip

Being a kid in 2019 is quite different than being a kid in the 1950s, although in some ways children nowadays are well-advanced from their peers in earlier eras. Today’s kids have mastered advanced technology, standardized testing, athletic scholarships and dual enrollment in high school and college; yet, they seem to suffer in ways that [ keep reading ]

Raising Little Readers in 5 Easy Steps

Losing yourself between the pages of a book isn’t just fun, it’s also incredibly beneficial for your health. As you age, reading actually helps establish and strengthen neural pathways, improves your memory, and can reduce your stress levels. And little readers? Well, kids who read rock. The average children’s book has around 50 percent more words [ keep reading ]

Little Things Make Moms Really Happy

parenthood coffee moment

Parenthood is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. It’s also challenging. Whether you’re a mom of one or many, you’ve likely navigated a roller-coaster of emotion in your parenting journey. Most parents would agree that some days are better than others. The more mom experience you have under your belt, the [ keep reading ]

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