Kindergarten is Around the Corner

Someone asked me recently if I knew the dates for kindergarten registration, and I was confused as to why they asked me. I had been there and done that, and we are completely passed the kindergarten stage. The thing is, I forgot my second child is entering kindergarten next year. When my first child was [ keep reading ]

Effective Parenting Requires Core Principles

When one lands a dream job, he or she often gives it their best effort. They study the requirements and educate themselves on how to meet and exceed their employer’s expectations. What many may fail to appreciate about parenting is that it is the most important job he or she will ever have. How we [ keep reading ]

Potty Training is the Worst

I am cheap, but I would totally pay someone to potty train my kids. In my opinion, it is the worst parenting task ever. With my first and second child, I read many parenting blogs and listened to friends rave about the two or three-day potty training method. Listening to friends and reading literature from [ keep reading ]

He Just Left: My Son’s Struggle Through Week 1

I don’t mean to belabor the point that it is hard to have a military spouse/father deploy. I think even those who are not in the military can appreciate that. However, I really want to share what my son is going through in the hopes that my blog will be helpful to someone else. My [ keep reading ]

He Just Left: the Second Stage of Dealing with Deployments

It’s been a week since hubby left. The two days leading up to his departure, we couldn’t spend much time together. That was a total bummer. I watched him move from room to room, trying to get everything done. At one point, he put one of his military duffel bags downstairs and my son fell [ keep reading ]

Several Ways We Hold Our Children Back

Becoming a parent is one of the most important and rewarding adventures in an adult’s life. Once that helpless and innocent life is first placed in our arms, we have so many hopes and fears for those young lives. Every parent wants their child to excel and become successful and happy people in time. However, [ keep reading ]

And So It Begins: the Countdown to My Hubby’s Deployment

The last time hubby left on a deployment, we were stationed overseas. His deployment was for six months and it was the longest six months of my life. I had four kids at home with me then: my older teen, my pre-teen, and two toddlers. My son had been potty trained (he was about three [ keep reading ]

Parenting 101: Encouragement and Accountability

There are millions of parenting books on the shelves of every bookstore and Amazon warehouse. They all promise to contain the magic elixir that will turn you into the perfect parent with perfect children as long as you follow their blueprints. Unfortunately, almost 30 years of parenting have taught me that there is no such thing [ keep reading ]

9 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

There is much discussion revolving around the diet and health of children in America. A balanced diet of plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy foods is recommended, but how do we get children to eat them? Although adults do forget that children must be taught to share, toilet train, manners and how to do [ keep reading ]

Is Lack of Sleep Negatively Affecting Your Child?

A plethora of scientific evidence shows that most children thrive in atmospheres of structure and routine. Providing a sense of normalcy in your child’s life is a key factor toward building a strong foundation of love and support to help a son or daughter reach his or her full potential. My youngest of 10 children [ keep reading ]

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