Family Fun Ideas: Make the Most of Summer’s End

family fun ideas, dad and daughter dancing

Is it just me or does the passing of summer seem to pick up speed every year? You know summer break is about to end when thoughts start filling your head about school supply lists, as well as carpools or homeschool lesson plans. If you suddenly feel a need to scroll Pinterest or to Google [ keep reading ]

Think Doctors and Nurses Aren’t Impacted by Death? Think Again.

Doctor’s offices and hospitals can be cold, sterile and uncomfortable places. Doctors and nurses can also come across cold and uncaring. Would you be surprised to know that the coldness may be from caring too much? It may be surprising to learn that doctors and nurses may grieve the death of a patient. Sometimes a [ keep reading ]

How to De-clutter Your Drawers, Home and Life

how to de-clutter, clean desk

Have you ever noticed that on high-humidity days (like when the real feel suggests you can fry your breakfast egg on the sidewalk) messes feel messier? I don’t know about you but if I am already sweating and I step in crumbs or feel something sticky on a counter top, I experience something similar to [ keep reading ]

Keep These Motherhood Tips in Mind for Less Stress

motherhood tips, smiling owman in field

If the title of this Hot Mess post caught your attention, you’re probably too hard on yourself. Most moms are. It’s time we women join forces to put an end to that. I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful. You’re a good mother. You have mad skills. (Okay, I don’t know you so [ keep reading ]

Saving Simon Meant Rescuing love

There are few things more rewarding in life than finding or rescuing love. We find it in so many ways in life, in our partners, in our children and in our friendships. People seek it in their faith and in activities. One of the most rewarding places to find this gift is in rescuing love. I [ keep reading ]

Marriage Hacks: Does Your Relationship Need a Re-Charge?

Have you ever gotten really excited over a lifehack you discovered on Pinterest, in a Facebook meme or by word of mouth? I have; in fact, I’ve written articles right here on Hot Mess that I’m certain you can find if you peruse the “In the Kitchen,” “Around the House,” or “Random” categories. We all [ keep reading ]

X Country Runners Never Cease to Amaze

For approximately eight years, I’ve been an avid spectator of our local high school’s varsity X Country team. Five of my children (three, currently) have participated in this program. As I write this article, we are one week away from the two biggest championships of the season. They will be one of my daughter‘s last [ keep reading ]

Singer Proves There Is No Erasing His Voice

For those who grew up in the 80’s, music was a rich tapestry with a wide variety of genres that could appeal to any music lover. There were several bands that rose to the top during this time, and out of all of them, few were as beloved or iconic as the rock band, Journey. [ keep reading ]

Having a Clutter Problem?

The problem with clutter is that it is truly a subjective word. Just as one man’s junk is another’s treasure, what you call clutter and what I call clutter might be vastly different. If you happen to be married and you and your spouse disagree about what exactly constitutes clutter, it can be challenging to [ keep reading ]

Ping Pong, Anyone? Families That Play Together Stay Together

One of the best gift decisions I’ve ever made for my kids at Christmas was to get them a ping pong table. I scored big time the year I did so because I snagged a deal where a set was on sale that included an air hockey table that is easily converted to a ping [ keep reading ]

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