Do You Deck Your Halls Early or Late?

I’m fairly certain that most adult human beings have a knack for turning pretty much any sort of topic into debate. Some subjects definitely seem to incite more contention than others. A particularly controversial theme that typically arises around this time every year has to do with decorating for Christmas. The question is: When is the “correct” time to do so?

There appears to be three main categories of people who have distinct opinions about the matter. First, there are those who adamantly state that those who have the audacity to decorate early in the season (and by early, I mean just before Thanksgiving) are a disgrace to mankind. According to these folks, if your roof-top, blow-up, ho-ho-ho-ing Santa is set upon his perch before a few days prior to Christmas, you are too eager for your own good.

This group actually has a sub-group of people, which includes those who happen to celebrate Advent. Their ire seems to be intensified from the rest of the group who merely think it rude or rushing things to hang your holly ahead of schedule. This group comes right out to say that you are going to you-know-where in a hand basket if you dare to put up your tree or hang a “Christ is born!” sign in the yard. This is the same group that demands that if you are going to display a Nativity scene, it had better not include the baby Jesus if it is not yet Christmas Day. These people equate decorating early for Christmas with sacrilege.

Then there are those who think that earlier is better. (I tend to fit this description.) As soon as Thanksgiving ends, their autumn decorations get stored away and out comes everything green, red, gold, silver and glittery. I celebrate Advent, so I see the weeks before Christmas as a season of preparation, a time to pray and look forward to the coming celebration. Advent means we are eagerly awaiting our Guest of Honor (spiritually speaking, of course) so, to me, why not set the stage and get things ready to let Him know we are looking forward to His arrival? Far from being an abomination, I find early decorating a means of inspiration that sparks a flame in my heart and helps me to focus on the “reason for the season.”

Finally, there are some people who say they could not care less when someone else decorates, for to each, his own. Such people also tend to be among those who have multiple seasons of decorations, simultaneously hanging around their yards. A jack-o-lantern here, a giant balloon-turkey there and strands of icicle lights adorning their gutters, and if you’re lucky, some red valentine hearts strategically placed on the front porch railing, with plastic Easter eggs in the mulch.

It seems to me that if God felt strongly one way or the other, He would have let us know. Perhaps, He’s just happy that people are thinking about Him at all, regardless of the timing of their decorating habits.


Writer Bio: Judy Dudich

Judy Dudich resides in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, where 24 acres of land and a home-office provide the perfect setting for her children’s home-education and her own homesteading and business ventures. Life is full of blessings (and challenges!) for Judy, as a wife, mother of 10 and Grammy to six. She is a published author, whose book, “I Surrender/A Study Guide for Women” continues to encourage and support others in Christian family lifestyles throughout the world. Judy has also previously worked in the online speaking circuit. Her passion for permaculture, re-purposing, foraging and organic gardening fills her days with learning and adventure that she loves to share.


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