Eye Makeup Tips from Vincent Oquendo

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that window dressing always improves the look of a space. Here are some great tips from makeup artist Vincent Oquendo for putting some great drapes on your ‘windows.’ Wear it dry, and you’ve got [ keep reading ]

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Hot Body In Just 5 Minutes A Day

Jennifer Aniston gets her hot bod by doing 5-minute-exercise blasts a day At 46-years-old, Jennifer Aniston still boasts the dream body of a 20-something. And we want to know her secret. With her trim and petite figure (she’s only 5ft 4in) and toned legs and arms, Jen’s body really is a thing of wonder. We [ keep reading ]

Spiced Almond Cocktail TNP Originals

In a small saucepan, combine spiced rum, amaretto, almond milk, cinnamon sticks, and star anise pods. Heat to a simmer and remove from heat. Let steep for at least 5 minutes. Pour into a glass and garnish with ground cinnamon. – 1.5 oz. Spiced Rum – 1 oz. Amaretto – 4 oz. Almond Milk – [ keep reading ]

Eat Breakfast Erin Heatherton’s Eggs & Avocado

Believe it or not, models do actually eat. Some models don’t just eat, they EAT. Erin Heatherton is among that group. She focuses on healthy food that is not only good for her body, but looks great and tastes even better. When we chatted with model Erin Heatherton, she gave us her go-to breakfast (aka our [ keep reading ]

How They Look – One Of Those Things You Probably Never Thought About

Silent film actors from “back in the day” had a very unique look. We of the modern era tend to think it was the film alone, but that’s not true. Believe it or not, makeup played a huge role even back then. And if you’re dying to look like a silent film star (though highly [ keep reading ]

The New Mid Life Crisis?

As Spotify declare that 42 is the age people start listening to chart music again, we examine the new rules of having a midlife crisis. How did we swap the Ferrari for Taylor Swift? I have a Spotify playlist called ‘Classic’. It was, originally, the home of all my music that indisputably earned its place [ keep reading ]

Most Famous Brides of all time: Priscilla Presley

Whoever decided May and June primetime for nuptials was a marketing genius—though a fair amount of credit is probably due to the brides who decided they just weren’t into the whole “winter wonderland” schtick. Either way, happy wedding season, folks! Let’s talk about some famous brides, because that’s generally a topic the betrothed and non-betrothed [ keep reading ]

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