You have the right to unfriend whomever you want

unfriend, computer monitor with binoculars

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived over 50 years, or maybe it’s because I’m not Kylie Jenner. But Facebook unfriending is not really a big deal to me. I have known people who completely cut off their real-life relationships with me after I removed them from my Facebook friends list. It’s nothing personal. I may be [ keep reading ]

Why do my children have so much anxiety?

anxiety, woman holding paper smile

I remember very little of the 1990s. Throughout most of the decade, I was giving birth and raising babies. So it was a bleary time, to say the least. I had my own anxiety about being a good parent and feared I would mess up my kids. As much as we could, my husband and [ keep reading ]

Nourish Yourself in the New Year by Limiting Sugar


We’re always hearing about advances in modern medicine and healthcare technology, so I was under the impression that life expectancy is increasing as time advances.  Nope!  You may be as shocked as I was to find out that life expectancy in the United States is actually decreasing. The obvious question here is…why?  Chronic disease.  Chronic [ keep reading ]

Reasons people drink: Can you relate?

reasons people drink, hands holding beer

It’s definitely a time of year (holidays) when liquor stores and beer distributors make a lot of money. You might be one of millions of people who enjoy spiking your eggnog with a bit of bourbon. Perhaps, you like to imbibe when you gather with co-workers or loved ones at your annual Christmas or New [ keep reading ]

The Wounded Warrior Project

wounded warrior, woman in red hugging soldier

I have a black throw that I keep in the back of my car. I use it for such events as little league games, impromptu trips to the park or to cover the upholstery when the dog is in the car. It is a blanket I received when I signed up to make monthly donations [ keep reading ]

Fashion trends for 2020 may look familiar

My mom in her day was always on top of fashion trends despite barely having two nickels to rub together. This was because she rarely got rid of clothes. Instead, she tucked them in the back of her closet, a firm believer that yesterday’s fashions would come around again. She was usually right. I have [ keep reading ]

Why Action Movies are Good for the Movie Industry

This past year was a huge one for movies with wide appeal. Generally, that means movies that are action or family blockbusters, like “Avengers: Endgame”. Movie goers turned out in droves earlier this year to find out what happened to Iron Man, et al. (Don’t worry – I won’t post spoilers, just in case you [ keep reading ]

Repurpose Stale Food

Recently, I’ve been concerned about the amount of food that I waste. I grew up in a household where making use of everything was practically a sport. Though certain foods, like produce, meat, or dairy, are dangerous to consume when spoiled, that isn’t always the case. Some foods just get stale and aren’t as appetizing, [ keep reading ]

Alexa, change my life

Alexa, echo dot with eyes and mouth

My husband got me an Amazon Dot for Christmas. I didn’t know what an Amazon Dot was. “You know,” he explained. “Alexa.” The little disk sat on the ledge in the dining room for less than an hour before I had it set up and ready to go. I had seen the commercials where people [ keep reading ]

Hoping to be more organized in 2020?

organized, woman writing in planner

How many nights a week do you crawl into bed exhausted from spinning your tires and feeling like you could have accomplished so much more if you could be more organized, if only you had more time? Of course, everyone has the same number of hours in a day. You might be surprised to realize [ keep reading ]

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