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Hot Mess Anonymous began as a sort of support group for busy moms and professional women who want to end the constant struggle with keeping it all together. To be honest, at some point we all can be a hot mess. So know that when you're here you're among friends just sharing the journey.

The New Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Last year, my husband and I decided to take a cruise to Cuba. Turns out, we may be part of a small portion of privileged US citizens who got to see this amazing country during the short window of time that Americans were permitted to travel there. Here’s what you should know about the new [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

father's day gift ideas, wall decorations

Whether you’re reading this post as an adult daughter or as a wife, you’ll hopefully find it helpful as you prepare for Father’s Day. My own dad passed away eight years ago and I miss him every day. Thus, I’m writing this post from my perspective as a wife and mother. You might be reading [ keep reading ]

Nike Plus-Size Mannequin Sparks Anger, Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

Did you know that right now, at this very moment, there are people living in bigger bodies? Just going around existing like they have some kind of right? Apparently some companies are even trying to sell products to these people. The nerve. Like the Nike plus-size mannequin that recently went up. According to, like, everyone [ keep reading ]

A Love Letter to the Humble Summer Popsicle

I’m probably one of the moms you find annoying during the school year. I try and pack my kids traditionally “healthy” lunches and snacks, heavy on fruits, always includes veggies, but also throw in a fun treat that they really want. Sometimes it’s a bag of chips or a dessert, but always as an addition [ keep reading ]

Going to the Library is the Best Summer Activity

Summer is billed as a time for cannonballing into pools, flying down slides for hours at a time, and spending as much time outside as possible. While my kids and I do our very best to basically live at the pool the moment that school lets out, we need a little more to do. Living [ keep reading ]

Creative Party Favors That May Not Go to Waste

I recently lamented on the waste of money party favors may be. In addition to possibly being a waste of money, party favors may also become waste in our landfills. Most party favors are cheap plastic that easily breaks or does not hold a child’s attention long. If you cannot forgo the social norms and [ keep reading ]

Party Favors: Do We Really Need Them?

Recently, I casually mentioned a child’s birthday party around my 82-year-old grandfather. Following the story, he informed me that he did not have birthday parties growing up. Not only was it not common to have large birthday parties, but his parents likely could not afford the luxury. Party favors were definitely not a consideration. Fast [ keep reading ]

Go Bananas: Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Day

It goes without saying that including fruit in your diet is always a good idea. These days, we’re always on the go so it can be tough to incorporate fruit in your daily diet. I mean, who has time to sit and peel an orange, cut up a watermelon or wash down a batch of [ keep reading ]

Chalk it Up! Update Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

Pinterest is both amazing and awful. Amazing because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to do. Awful because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to to! 😉 One of my better efforts was using chalk paint on some old furniture. The process was simpler than [ keep reading ]

Taco Night Just Got Healthier and Easier!

My husband is probably sick of how often I make tacos. Mexican food in general is so amazing. You take the same few ingredients and mix them up in different ways, and it’s a whole new meal! I won’t pretend that the way I make tacos is authentic – I just don’t have that kind [ keep reading ]

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