Kobe Bryant: A Tribute to a Legend

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers

I was enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon, eating and laughing with family, when my phone suddenly began buzzing. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see a text from a close friend. “Kobe Bryant just died in a helicopter crash.” “Come on, man. That’s not cool. No way that’s true, gotta be a [ keep reading ]

I’m Giving Up Something Each Month this Year

January is over already – how did you do on those New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t make a traditional, year-long resolution. Instead, I challenged myself to stay off of all social media for an entire month. It was a resounding success, one that I will expand on in another week or so when I’ve had [ keep reading ]

President Trump Declared Not Guilty in Historic Impeachment Trial

After weeks of investigation, testimony and near wall-to-wall coverage, President Trump was declared not guilty on two articles of impeachment in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. The outcome was all but certain, yet Congress and Americans remain divided. In this historic trial both Democrats and Republicans seemed dug in on their positions regarding the president’s guilt [ keep reading ]

Chronic cough remedies: Drink lemon water

chronic cough remedies, lemon water

Several years ago, I contracted bacterial , community-acquired pneumonia. Never in my life have I ever felt so ill. I’m talkin’ unable-to-lift-my-head-off-a-pillow ill. I typically avoid doctors’ offices and hospitals as much as possible. When I had bacterial CAP, I sought medical attention because I literally felt like I was dying. I learned later that [ keep reading ]

Brain injuries: Why Chris Borland quit the NFL

NFL brain injuries, offensive line

Christians celebrate Sundays as “The Lord’s Day.” It’s a day (that is supposed to be) set aside from all others. We honor Sundays as special because we believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead on such a day. In the United States, this coming Sunday is special for another reason. It will be the day [ keep reading ]

I Stopped Working Out for Three Weeks

For several years now, I’ve been a dedicated exerciser. My routine has varied, as I’ve experimented to figure out what exercise strategy works best for me. I’m finally at a point in my life where, even if I miss working out for a few days or a week, I trust myself to get back to [ keep reading ]

February is a little more interesting in a leap year

leap year, february in scrabble letters

Okay, lazies, you can’t drop the “R” in Feb-RU-ary. It’s not pronounced FebYOUary, like JanYOUary. Just want to get that out of the way. Some may see the extra “R” as too complicated to pronounce, but it is part of the charm of the month. Even more charming this year is that it is a [ keep reading ]

How to Remember Someone’s Name

I can never remember people’s names. I can be talking to someone as though I’ve known them my whole life and not have a clue what their first name is. It’s so bad that my husband knows that if I don’t immediately introduce him to someone we’re talking to, he will introduce himself and get [ keep reading ]

Leaving your fishing net behind to follow Jesus

follow Jesus, net with fish in murky water

Have you heard stories of people who shock their friends and families by walking away from fame and fortune? Men who give up family inheritances to help the poor and homeless in their communities? Women who sacrifice promising, lucrative careers as performers, entrepreneurs, and engineers to serve the Lord in religious orders? Young people who [ keep reading ]

Where do you want to eat tonight?

where do you want to eat, man and woman sitting

“I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?” “Doesn’t matter.” Actually, it really does matter. Even for those who say they don’t care or defer the decision to their spouse or partner, there is an underlying resentment about how this decision is made. Because I don’t enjoy cooking, my husband and I have this [ keep reading ]

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