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Hot Mess Anonymous began as a sort of support group for busy moms and professional women who want to end the constant struggle with keeping it all together. To be honest, at some point we all can be a hot mess. So know that when you're here you're among friends just sharing the journey.

4 Tips to Battle Symptoms of Pollen Season

Spring has sprung. In the south, we may not have much of a winter, but we always have pollen season. We are currently in the thick of heavy yellow thick pollen. Weathermen and women are reporting daily pollen counts along with the temperatures. The pollen changes the color of our vehicles and can be so [ keep reading ]

What I Wish I’d Known When I was Single

Last August, my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Before him, there were many, many…MANY dates. They ran the gamut – really great guys, really terrible guys, just okay guys, funny (pretty much always at least a little funny), and varying degrees of commitment. Some of those guys I was on again, off [ keep reading ]

Parents of College Students: Help Your Child Feel at Home

Parents of college students, girl holding binder

Seniors in high school are often busting at the seams to spread their wings and fly. Parents of college students may notice how quickly homesickness sets in, once their son or daughter moves onto campus. Especially if it’s your child’s freshman year, college life can take a lot of getting used to. You can help [ keep reading ]

Tips for Non-custodial Parents: Stay Close to Your Kids

tips for non-custodial parents, father and son on hammock

Divorce isn’t easy but it’s definitely common in today’s society. Primary focus is often given to parents who have custody of their children. However, tips for non-custodial parents can be quite helpful. Not having custody doesn’t make one a bad parent. In fact,  most non-custodial parents want to maintain active relationships and close bonds with [ keep reading ]

Make-up Tips for Women Over 50: Look and Feel Your Best

Make-up tips, woman in hat by tree

No matter how prepared I thought I was for entering my fifties, I wasn’t. I wanted to fully embrace getting older but have found that it’s quite challenging. Many inevitable body changes take place. Wrinkles, sags, menopausal weight-gain, etc., make getting older a humbling experience. There are several make-up tips for women over 50 that [ keep reading ]

Intentional Living: God Gave Us Senses for a Reason

Intentional living, woman reading in field

Sometimes, I wish I could simultaneously view all the lands and people in the world. I wonder what a satellite/panoramic view of earth would really look like. As I ponder the typical lifestyle in a modern world (at least, in America) I feel saddened. I immediately think I probably would not really like to see [ keep reading ]

Do You Need Boundaries with Your Schedule? I Did. Here’s Why.

I recently had to create some boundaries in my life related to my schedule. My schedule was overpacked resulting in stress, lack of sleep and impacted our family negatively. I have a personality that thrives off of being busy and productive, therefore, eliminating some things from my life was not an easy task. Also complicating [ keep reading ]

We Bought a Home That Needed Big Repairs. Here’s Why.

We recently bought our third home. We had a neighbor ask us if the home we had purchased was the one that needed big basement repairs. As a matter of fact, it was. Our home came with a nice crack in two basement foundation walls. It is likely one of the reasons it sat unsold [ keep reading ]

Things that Make Moms Happy: Silly alert

Things that make moms happy, woman laughing

Parenting is definitely one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences of a lifetime. You might be the mom of a single blessing or one of many. Either way, you’ve likely navigated a roller-coaster of emotions along your parenting journey. Most moms can relate to some days (weeks, months, even years) being better than others. [ keep reading ]

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time comparing myself to others. Its something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I blame my competitive nature. I was raised in sports and competition. Growing up, I was seldom alone and always with cousins and friends. Playing ball was [ keep reading ]

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