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Hot Mess Anonymous began as a sort of support group for busy moms and professional women who want to end the constant struggle with keeping it all together. To be honest, at some point we all can be a hot mess. So know that when you're here you're among friends just sharing the journey.

ESFP Personalities: The Entertainer

For all those ESFPs out there: “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid!” Settle in with your popcorn and learn about the ESFP Personality: The Entertainer! ESFPs are Extroverted- Sensing- Feeling- Perceiving. ESFPs make up 11% of the population. Of this number, 64% are females and 36% are males.   ESFP personality traits You might be an [ keep reading ]

What’s Most Important to Kids in Life?

what's most important to kids, child's hand with iv

Every child is fearlessly and wonderfully made. No human life is repeatable. Children are among God’s greatest blessings. A physician who works for a non-profit organization recently wondered what’s most important to kids in life. He spends every day of his own life providing palliative care to terminally ill children. He decided to interview patients [ keep reading ]

Coffee? Good, Bad or AMAZING?

One day, scientists will come to a consensus, I just know it. The clouds will part, one magical, peer-reviewed study will fall from the sky, and there will be a collective “EUREKA!” What I’m talking about is dietary recommendations. You wake up one morning and the headline is “eggs are TERRIBLE” and a few weeks [ keep reading ]

Just Google It: Confessions of a Family Tech Support Guy

Google it

“My son is so smart! You’re amazing with computers! I don’t know what we would do without you,” my mother exclaimed as I finished up another successful service call at my parents’ house. “Oh, it’s really no problem at all,” I modestly replied as I began my obligatory goodbye tour before leaving. My folks were [ keep reading ]

Does Pete Buttigieg Even Age? Attracting Young People to Politics

What were you doing at the age of 22? I was convincing myself that I still needed to be in college for another semester, thanks to my life-long debilitating fear of failure. You know what Mayor Pete Buttigieg, current Democratic candidate for president, was doing? He was participating in a political tour event for then-presidential [ keep reading ]

Methane Found on Mars and These Jokes Write Themselves

When you think of signs of life, what comes to mind? Water? Oxygen? Maybe…flatulence? It may sound unbelievable, but researchers just found methane gas on our galactic neighbor, Mars! Both my intellectual, 38-year-old self and my inner eight-year-old self are delighted. For completely different reasons, of course. I mean, there’s methane on mars – these [ keep reading ]

Pitching Coach for Mets, Phil Regan, is 82, and I Want a Nap

When I think ahead to my senior years, assuming I have the privilege of getting to them, I definitely want to find ways to stay active. I’m an avid exerciser now and I want that to be a part of my life, at some level, forever. So this week, I’m taking my inspiration from the [ keep reading ]

Ways to Keep Kids Safe: Learning from Tragedy

ways to keep kids safe, crime scene tape

Like most people in my community, I was devastated when a beautiful young girl from a neighboring town went missing last month. Hundreds of people turned out to search far and wide for Riley Crossman. Searches came to an abrupt halt when cadaver dogs led police to her body. As most parents do, I often [ keep reading ]

Educational Ideas for Summer Time Family Fun

educational ideas for summer, woman looking at map

Your kids are on break and the last thing you want is for them to spend all their time playing video games or watching YouTube. Neither activity is inherently bad but it’s understandable that you want them to make better use of their summer vacation time. There are lots of ways to incorporate educational ideas [ keep reading ]

In Death, Appreciate Life


Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we experience in life. Some have experienced death more than others, but no matter how much we experience the loss of someone close to us, it’s always tragic. Just recently, my family experienced a tragic loss in the death of my father-in-law. Without question, [ keep reading ]

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